Skin Laser Aesthetics - Végleges szőrtelenítés az intim területen

Bikini hair removal

Végleges lézeres intim szőrtelenítés

Removal of pubic hair has become popular in the last few decades. This has been promoted not only by the higher awareness of nudity but also by the tiny swimsuits appearing on the beach. As a result, besides limbs and Armpits the partial or complete hairlessness of the intimate areas has become a requirement as well.

Removal of hair from the intimate areas is usually carried out with a razor, but this also means a very short term result in this case.
Some women reject the option of waxing due to the accompanying pain. Usage of depilatory creams is not recommended due to the high concentration of chemicals and increased sensibility.

The permanent DPC hair removal works with the highest efficiency on the intimate areas as well. As a result maintaining intimate aesthetics after treatment is not a problem anymore. You don’t have to run to the bathroom because of hair removal neither before bathing nor love-making.

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